Update of September

Hello Everyone!

Since we launched the chat groups we haven’t posted any announcements as the vast majority of news was sent through the Telegram channels.

For those who want an overview of what is new, here are the latest updates:

New Course Available: Trading Psychology – by Radu Profeanu

A new course is available and you can find it by going to our Tradunity Academy section (https://tradunity.com/tradunity-academy/) from your dashboard on our site.

Regardless on which market you are trading, the Trading Psychology course will help you understand better the emotions each trader goes through while on the job, how to control them and how to not to be influenced by them when you need to take a logical decision.

About the Author: Radu Profeanu is one of our newest collaborators. He has been a trader since 2008. After 7 year of professional trading, he moved into the FinTech industy.

Very soon, both Radu Profeanu and Oleg Alexandrov will have a more defined and important role in Tradunity’s upcoming new format for trading ideas which will be available to all active members.

The Tradunity Academy has now completely replaced the former Education section, which will be removed in a few weeks.

New Robot Settings for the EA First Pro Trading Robot

We have researched some new settings with the purpose of transforming the breakeven small losses into small wins and to overall increase the profitability of the robot.

The new settings are in head to head tests already, and you can find out more information about them on the Trading Robot Settings and Simulations page under the Trading Robot item in the main menu.


ICO Updates

The ICO Group has been active and our members could successfully enter two ICOs so far. Follow the ICO Chat Group in Telegram to not miss out on the next opportunities!


Updates in September

September will be a busy month for our team, as we will upgrade some of our features to diversify the opportunities we offer you to make profit. An announcement will follow in the following weeks!


For any questions or comments, feel free to leave them here or on Telegram!

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