Update October 2 (2018)

Week Roundup at Tradunity: New Expert and New Robot Settings !


New Expert – Kathryn Joyce


Kate is a Canadian trader whose ideas come from reading the supply and demand chart, most often from level to level. We have followed Kate and her brilliant trading ideas for a few months now and were very excited when she accepted our invitation to join our expert team! We hope she will like to continue working with us!


She has started this week to post her content on the Trading Ideas group, and already we have seen some targets being hit, a couple of ideas invalidated and some which are still active. Overall, we are seeing a strong positive result of her joining the team!


Welcome to Tradunity, Kate!


EA First Robot IMPORTANT Settings Updates

While we were testing the V1 (initial) and the V2 (New August Settings) we have found in some experimental setups a new model of trading which we can make our robot follow.


The new settings are for the Gold market (XAUUSD) 4h charts and they are created to be able to


  1. Achieve higher profits than losses
  2. Have a higher win rate than loss rateCombined, these two properties of the new settings make them superior to what we had before. In addition to that, the simulations on the period we have tested these settings match almost entierly the real world result. Previously, there were some discrepancies with the former model simulations vs real results.


We have switched the main display account to these settings, and in one trade it recovered last month’s drawdown. We’re on to something interesting!


Everything you need to know about these settings is in video and text format on our settings page : https://tradunity.com/ea-first-settings . Except the Gold 4h charts, we have recommendations for the other pairs too, on how to handle trading with these pairs.


If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them here or on the chat groups!
Have good trades!


the Tradunity Team

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