Update November 2 (2018)

Week 5 Nov – 11 Nov – 365 days later – Last Week’s Webinar – New Content – First Week of November Trading Results – Robot Results and New Models in Test – New Recruit


07.11.2017 – 07.11.2018 – From a logo and an Idea to Today’s Project and Community

One year ago Dmitriy and I talked for the first time. Soon after that, he decided to ask me to help him build Tradunity. He had a great logo, a great idea, and the willingness to trust me to build this platform. We started working on it day and night, and after some delays, we managed to launch the first version of Tradunity two months later, on the 7th of January 2018, at the peak of the Crypto hype.


After an initial success powered by the hype surrounding crypto projects, we started facing the bear market and the consequences which that had on our project. We had to reinvent our model in order to be able to survive in the new environment and still be competitive and sustainable. The project has changed a lot since the initial idea and we try to constantly bring new value into it, with features and valuable collaborators.
We now have over 10 people on our team, an array of features and services, an outstanding product, the EA First Pro trading robot and thanks to our great trader team, we also have equally great results in manual trades as well!


Thank you to all our collaborators for this year, and a special Thank You to our members, who supported and helped us to build a community around Tradunity!


Last week’s webinar – Trading Strategies

Last week Dmitiry held a webinar on Trading Strategies! During the webinar a poll was made so the participants could decide which type of strategy he should present. In the end, a breakout strategy was chosen.

Except the participant-requested strategy, Dmitriy presented two more of his strategies, Whale and Sunrise. These strategies will be extensively discussed in the future on our platform.


If you have not seen yet the webinar, you can follow it here: https://youtu.be/GtgEzBCKpYk

The link is also available on the Tools and Resources page!


New Content : How to read and interpret a Tradunity Trading Idea – https://youtu.be/xU6o_8vv64g

New Content: How to Calculate your Risk – https://youtu.be/0fbmmhfaJU8


First Week of November Trading Results

After an outstanding October, the ideas of the first week of November have generated losses. It’s ok, since losing is part of trading, and you can always expect periods of drawdowns on the short and medium term. Since for some of you this is the first time this has happened, and since some of you have just started using the ideas when they started giving drawdown, let us know if you were prepared for this, and if you have questions about handling this first week and the stop losses it brought.


Robot Results – New highs!

This week the robot’s new settings gave us some strong trades bringing the display accounts to new highs. One trade was enough to overcome any former drawdown, showing us once more the strength of the V3 model.


In the meantime, I have searched for a slightly different V3 model, in an attempt to find a model that will work better with the TurnkeyForex broker and overcome it’s past problems. I ended up with some very promising new sets of settings with which we will be able to create a very interesting multi chart model mixing these variants and the V3 settings. The experimental sets are placed on the experimental accounts on IC Markets, and we have one more running on Turnkey. One of the experimental settings is for the first time in profit (+5%) after recovering in force from a drawdown period.


So far, the new settings performed admirably, with even better results than the official V3 recommendation, as it is also suggested in the simulations. We will draw a conclusion at the end of the month after more tests.


New team member – Welcome Mihai

We are pleased to announce that we have a new team member: Mihai Rusu has joined our team and he is currently being trained to handle our support!

Welcome, Mihai!

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