Update November 1 (2018)

Week 28 Oct – 04 Nov: New Webinar Series, October Trading Ideas Results, October Robot results, New Robot settings in test


New Webinar Series – How to be a profitable trader – Part 1: The Trading Plan

We started a new webinar series available for our members on the subject of becoming a profitable trader.

Since 80-90% of traders normally lose money in the financial markets, this webinar aims at turning these statistics around for our members.

We realized that just providing good ideas is not enough, we also need to work with you on your trading discipline and skills. For this, we created this series of webinars where the theory is presented in a quick session of 20-30 minutes, and the rest of the webinar concentrates on YOUR questions.


The Next Webinar is this Friday, 22:00 Moscow Time – here is the registration link: https://events.genndi.com/register/818182175026324576/44efa59d18


The first webinar was about your Trading Plan. Make sure to watch it, if you missed the live session!

For now, you can find the webinars on our tools and resource page, by clicking this link: https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/


October trading results: 96% wins with 1.5% risk per trade

We have updated the October Trading Idea Results’ spreadsheet. With a 1.5% risk per trade and per Trade would have been around 95% profit from your initial balance. The Drawdown for this result was 43.5%.

If the trades would have been set only for the first target, the result would have been around 52%. Drawdown for this result was 22.5%

If the trades would have been set only for the second target, the result would have been around 43%. Drawdown for this result was 21%

More information about these results, you can find on the same tools and resource page: https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/


EA First Robot Results:

On the two live accounts with non-experimental settings the robot in October had the following results:

The account which trades 4 pairs had a 7.32% profit – see it here https://www.myfxbook.com/members/tradunity/ea-first-multi-platform-real/2627814

The account which trades only gold had a 9.16% profit – see it here: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/tradunity/gold-variants/2685920


New EA FIRST Robot settings in test

We have started the EURJPY new settings test on the experimental accounts. The test is considered active since this morning. Last night, one of the experimental settings was set wrongly (human error, mine, in this case) and it triggered a bad trade with a too high risk.

The new settings are :

Magic Number: 37001 – SL: 160; TP: 2500; Step size: 118; Distance: 44

Magic Number 37002 – SL: 160; TP: 2500; Step Size: 120; Distance: 50


There will be more information about these settings one month from now.


I wish you all great trades in November!
Feedback and questions are always welcome under this announcement!

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