Update March 2019

February Manual Ideas Results – Copy Trading: the first weeks – Copy Trading Developments – What else we are working on: Discord server, MQL5 Expansion, New Courses – Robot Results – Support on Chat Rooms – Tradunity at Affiliate Summit – Meetup in Amsterdam (15 March)


Hello everyone, I know I have taken my time with this update, so I will get right to it and try to make it simple to read:


February Manual Ideas Results

For manual trading ideas, February had a slow start with drawdown accumulating to almost 15%. However, before the end, the trades closed in profit started to recover all loss. We eneded the month on an overall profitable result of 25% (based on the strategy of 1.5% risk / target of each trade).

Please note – some trades are still active and this result may change


Copy Trading: the first weeks

We had the first weeks of copytrading. Our strategy for this begining period was of the lowest possible risk because we did not want to frighten anyone in case of a drawdown would happen. Conicidentally, we started straight with a drawdown of a maximum of aroudn 6%. At the same time we calibrated the money management and the risk strategy in order to make this work better for the retail nature of the service. Last friday a few winning trades recovered a part of the drawdown and we expect to move into profit soon. Currently we are standing at -3%.


Here is the myfxbook link where you can follow all the trades as they happened. Each trade will show up in the history after it is closed.


I repeat the money management strategy: A maximum of 1% risk per trade of an initial account of 1000$.
This MM strategy limits us in having trades on certain instruments such as all oil pairs (the minimum trade size is 0.5/1 lot) and other commodities or metal (Silver contracts are different across some brokers, and trades there come at increased risk).


For the time being we will keep this MM strategy and we will diversify it when our traders consider it safe to change it.


Copy Trading Developments

There will be several copy trading options, and we are going to launch them as soon as we have the technical solution for them.

All our traders agree that having a single copy trading option is not the best way to target beginner traders as all risk will probably go into a single account.


We would like to offer you several options to diversify your portfolio and provide more stable growth over time.
As examples of types of master accounts which will be traded we will give : accounts with different risk levels (conservative / moderate / aggressive), accounts with different types of trading (manual / algorithmic / hybrid).


All of these will be included in the current subscriptions, but for those who prefer to just stay with only one or two of them, there will be the option to aquire those outside of the subscriptions.


At the moment we are searching for the best technical solution to accomplish this goal, and at the same time we are testing a few other types of accounts, and gathering some history over there as well.


What else are we working on: 

Discord Server

We have been developing with the help of our member @zerocashcool a Discord Server where we would like to move the discussions that get cluttered on the Telegram Chats.

Although the Main Chat group stays much on topic, with the copy trading and algo trading direction we feel the need for more structures.

The Algo Channel will feature rooms which will have different topics on robot trading: restuls, settings, user settings, support, annoucements etc, while the copy trading channel will have a place to discuss the results, support and annoucements. There will be other rooms on the Discord server, some of which will be open for the large public, while other will be for members only.


MQL5 Expansion

After a few months of waiting, we have been granted the seller status on the MQL5 community. This opens the possibility to make our products (robots) and services (copy trading) to a larger audience. We believe this opportunity will open for us more possibilities to grow our project and we are very excited that our status as a seller was confirmed.


New Courses

The next course which will be available on our platform will be the Money Management course. It is nearly half done so far, and we expect to release it hopefully in one month.


Robot Results

I did not have the time yet to comment on last month’s robot’s results. The Robot recovered all previous drawdowns and it registered the 6th month of growth in a row.

In March so far we have a small drawdown due to sideways movements (the robot losses in range markets), and we are interested to see if the markets will start moving again, giving more opportunites for the robot to win trades.


Meetup in Amsterdam – 15th of March

I will be in Amsterdam representing Tradunity at the Affiliate Summit, and if anyone in the community is around and wants to meet up and talk in person, I will be happy to organize a meetup Friday, March 15th, after 18:00.

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