Update December 3 (2018)

Tradunity Update 14 Dec – 23 Dec

Trading Idea Results Update – 2019 Plans – Staff Vacation – Your Feedback

The final week of 2018 is upon us! Since our official launch anniversary is on the 7th of January, we will soon round up the year in a more comprehensive post somewhere in January, until then, here is the weekly update for the Tradunity Platform

Trading Idea Results Update

As we announced earlier this week, we have been reporting stopped out trades with two stopped out targets, even if the idea was suggesting only one target.

You can check the correct reports in the updated Excel / ods files, which you can download in the Tools and Resources page (https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/).

  • October still has 1 long term trade active. Tp1 result +52.875%, Tp2 result: +46.665%, Combined : +99.54%
  • November has 4 TP1 and 3 TP2 trades active Tp1 result +17.78%, TP2 result: -14.43%, Combined: 3.35%
  • December report so far: Results so far: TP1: +4.41%, TP2 +12.11%, Combined +16.52%December has multiple trades still active. If you have taken trades based on them, please note that many of them are close to target and you should either close them around the profit level or at least manage them as per the recommendations.

We are currently running a number of strategies from each trader which provide a diverse mix of opportunities to trade. So far, they have been yielding positive results. The point of this combination of ideas is to compensate strategies which pass through a drawdown period with the ones that give profit.
In the end, the goal is to show each of you that a combination of more solid strategies will yield a positive result on the long term, with less drawdown. One of the goal of our service is to stimulate you to adopt proper trading habits, and diversification, is one of the main direction of long term profitable trading plans.

Please don’t hesitate to give us your suggestions, feedback on this subject!

2019 Plans

In 2018 we went from a simple crypto signal service to a learning platform for trading any market. Our goal is to give you the necessary skills to be able to make your own trades and be able to achieve your personal financial goals on your terms.

In 2019 we plan to make the necessary changes to have a more structured content delivery, as well as a more structured plan for beginners.

For this, we have conceived a new roadmap which we present to you right now, attached to this announcement. We will be glad to hear your feedback on it.

Our main changes at package levels will be:

  • a package for advanced traders / people who want to try trading – only with trading ideas and the basic theory
  • the main package, will be educational package, the equivalent of our services now
  • a mentorship package, with private lessons, which will be limited to a few spots. Participants will need to apply

The prices of all our service will increase for new members. We really value our existing members dedication to our service. In consequence all existing members who have active accounts will keep the current prices.

Staff Vacation

During the periods of low volatility and the winter holidays there will be some vacation time for our permanent staff:

  • Oleg will be on vacation 29.12.2018 – 07.01.2019
  • Dmitriy will have low availability 31.12.2018 – 07.01.2019
  • Myself, I will have vacation 10 – 21.01.2019

Your feedback

We would like to thank you for the recent suggestions on the chat groups and support tickets, and we would like to get more feedback from you. Whenever you have something to ask or suggest, please do not hesitate to use any of the available channels to communicate it to us!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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