Update December (2018)

Weekly update: 25 Nov – 02 Dec


New members – Trading ideas outcome (Discussion) – Robot results (discussion) – Robot Update (testing) – New developments, future courses


Hello everyone, a new week is starting so let’s have a quick look at what happened in the previous one!


New Members

After the Black Friday sale we welcome a number of new members! We encourage the new members to ask for guidance when it comes to going through our learning material as well as our other services.


Last week’s webinars

Money Management, Thursday: https://youtu.be/gawp4GJdixA


Trading ideas: November outcome

After an outstanding October, the trading ideas did not perform as well as before. On the other hand, professionally speaking, they have performed within normal standards.

There are still open trades, we only count the closed ones for now. All results have been updated on the https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/ page.


Correlate to October’s results, we stand at good result.
Looking just at November’s results – we don’t have such great results.

Which one is true? Are we a good or a bad platform? We advise to take this as a lesson about how trading really works and why money management is so important.


It helps a lot to feel early on in your trading how real trading really is.
Firstly, remember that the same strategies of the same traders got the fantastic October result.

Second of all, in real trading there are no perfect strategies, as Dmitriy has kept repeating since day 1 of Tradunity. There are periods of good growth and periods of drawdown when the strategy does not perform. To be profitable the strategies have to be applied consistently so that the good periods (such as October was) would cover for periods of drawdowdn (November, if you went for TP2).


Our mix of 4 traders currently cover 5-6 strategies. All of them are proven to work on the long run and altogether they provide good diversification against each other. When they align, we have a great growth, when they diverge, we have a more stable growth / small drawdown. If they all face drawdown, so will our results on that period.


The final goal of our membership is to give you the opportunity to see and realize the realities of trading faster than you would do it by yourself, and to help you create your own strategies and trading plan.
I invite you all to discuss these results and what you learned from them in the comment section below or on the chat group.


Robot’s November Results


The first part of November, the robot had a fantastic growth, the gold market had strong movements which the robot caught and rode to around 19% growth. Afterwards, the range market came and brough us drawdown, the end of the month showing us a total of 0.88% growth (talking about the Gold V3 settings). In the simulations these drawdawns happen often and today the robot already made a large step on the profit side. As usual, I advise not to concentrate on the short term results.


There is a point I want to emphasise: this type of month proves why money management is important with this robot:If you were to place a large capital on the robot, you would experience two very opposite emotions: you earned a big sum and that made you feel great, and in the second part all that was taken away.


In the meantime December started with a good trade which recovered a good part of the lost profit of last month.
I invite you to discuss the robot’s performance and give your feedback in the comments or on the chat group.


Robot new version in tests: v2.03

The new version of the robot makes 2 new parameters available:

Min Levels Diff – will not let the robot replace orders if the distance to the level of the new level is too small. This is aimed to reduce lost trades in sideways markets by not allowing the robot, to a certain extent, to replace orders on top of the range market with others in a lower range. This parameter defaults to 0 and we do not have yet an optimized value for it.

Trades Open Offset: will allow the robot to


  • place the new orders with an offset from from the initial order level, in order to avoid some fake moves or SLKs (Stop Loss Killers)
  • compensate the spread difference on standard accounts, giving the US & Canadian members an option to use more established and regulated brokers.Goal of the update: reduce the number of lost trades when possible and to allow members, especially US & Canadians to use the robot on Standard Accounts


The new updates will need about a week for confirming the real trading tests as well as to prepare the necessary videos explaining the new parameters and update procedure (the update is simple – just replace the robot file and reload the charts).
Stay tuned for the official release and all the information materials.


New Developments at Tradunity


  • we are making it possible for idea providers to easily update ideas and to have these updates being sent directly to telegram
  • we are working on the 10 step roadmap which beginner traders can easily follow in an organized manner in order to achieve the knowledge and necessary experience to trade confidentaly and independently.
  • new robot version in preparation: we will add a few features for increasing the robot’s efficiency. After these updates are made, the robot will be sold in two version: Lite version – the equivalent of the robot at the 2.03 update, and Pro version – with all new features included. All current robot owners and all who buy it until the split is made, will continue to have the Pro version.
  • Radu and Dmitriy will collaborate to create a new Money Management course which will be available in our Academy

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