Update December 2 (2018)

Tradunity Update 03 Dec – 13 Dec


New Trader: Dat Tong – Webinars – Trading Ideas Outcome – New Robot Settings – Robot New Version – New Feature


New Trader – Dat Tong

We’re happy to start a new collaboration with Dat Tong. You may know him from TradingView where he is one of the top authors. This is his profile: https://www.tradingview.com/u/DatTong/ – you can follow and support him!

Dat is a professional trader. He received his Day Trader Certificate 10 years ago as well as his CMT levels 1. He has spent 12 years in financial services and trading/market analysis was part of his professional job during those years in wealth management.

He describes his trading style like this: “my trading style is easy: Trend following, traditional patterns, price action, support & resistance, with MA as only indicator. That’s all. Basically, I can use all the other technical analysis of most people out there using including all indicators from simple to complex, all kind of patterns including harmonic ones, Elliot Waves, demand-supply, etc”.


For the beginning Dat will provide trading ideas, and we hope he will like our project well enough to get involved more with it.
We have been following Dat for some time, and discussed a lot with him. We are very glad he was interested to join our project and we think he will influence us to create a better service.

Welcome Dat Tong to Tradunity!


Last Week’s Webinar: Portfolio Management – you can find it here: https://youtu.be/ne1RpZ5wNSo


Trading Ideas Outcome November recovery and December good start

At my last announcement things were looking pretty grim for November and in the chat group there was also a lot of skepticism. More trades have closed in the meantime and they have reduced the drawdown of this month to less than 5% at this moment. There are still active trades.

For December, we started well, and you can see it in the report.


I have placed all trades we had until now in one simplified excel / .ods spreadsheet. You will be able to see each month in a seperate sheet at the bottom. You can find the reports on the Tools and Resources page: https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/.


I can see people are starting to share more their ideas on the chat group and that is a positive thing. You can also use the Open Discussion group to share your ideas and get feedback!


New Robot Settings

Last week we launched new settings for the robot:


  • Recommended settings EURJPY 4h V3 – this set of settings for the EURJPY has confirmed in simulations the results in the month of testing. However, these settings are in drawdown currently, and you may want to wait until they confirm they can surpass this drawdown before using them.
  • Experimental alternative XAUUSD 4h V3 – we launched 4 new alternative settings for gold. These settings do not confirm simulations, on the other hand, they make sense from a trading point of view and they have so far outperformed the original V3. These settings are recommended for advanced traders who have figured out how the robot functions and who can possibly find advantages in using these settings to diversify the robot’s gold trading.


New Robot Version

We have launched the 2.03 version for EA First Pro . This version aims:

1.To make the robot compatible with standard accounts for US and Canadian customers this is achieved with the offset parameter which we use to compensate the spread difference when the order is placed. We recommend this to be set to 1/2 of your average spread. (if the spread is 36, make the offset at least 15-18). In compensation, you can reduce the step side by the same amount.

Example if your step is 300, and spread is 36, set the offset to 18 and make the step size 300-18 = 286. The cost of this operation will be that your profit will be a bit smaller than for ECN accounts.


2.To reduce loss trades which happen because of fake breakouts. This is achieved in two ways:


  • first, is to use the offset parameter (the same as the above) to place the order a bit far away from the order level, in order to avoid stop loss killers. This param defaults at 10;
  • the second way is by placing a buffer zone between the current order and the next order. In range market, this will not allow an order to be changed with a new one which is in short distance with the current one.

    I will explain this by adding images representing these changes.


To install the new version over the old 2.02 version please read the update to 2.03 procedure which comes in the robot package.
More information on the https://tradunity.com/ea-first-settings


New Feature: Idea updates in Telegram

From now on, our traders have the option to update the idea on the Trading Ideas group. Their update will be sent to Telegram as well, if they choose so. This will help you react faster if something has changed in the trading setup.


We await your comments here, below.

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