Update 3, November (2018)

Weeks 11 Nov – 24 Nov – Black Friday Promotions – More Webinars – Idea Updates – Robot results and news – Plans for the following months


Hello everyone. I was not able to update you all last week as I had to fill in for an ill Dmitriy and tasks kept piling up. The good news is that Dmitriy is back in good health and resumed his tasks. We have new plans and new ideas so let’s get on with it!


Black Friday Promotions

As you may have noticed we are running Black Friday Promotions for both our subscriptions and our robot. If you know someone who is interested in learning how to trade or they want to start using a trading robot, it’s a great time to do it now. You will help them and you will help us as well!

The promotions run until 25th of November 23:59 Pacific Time (California Time).


More webinars

Since Dmitriy was ill it was me who held a small live session last week and that was about how to calculate your risk directly in the MT4 platform using a really cool indicator. I recommend taking a look, it’s very short!

You can see the recording here: https://youtu.be/wg2R8h3Ik68


We also held a public webinar this week about our robot, where both Dmitriy and myself held a presentation of the robot and we answered to a massive rally of 54 questions.
You can see the recording here: https://youtu.be/Mui8_RNRAeM


What is coming next week: More webinars from Dmitriy!


  • Money Management, probably Thursday – it will be announced
  • Live market overviews where Dmitriy will discuss several markets and look live for trading opportunities – probably Monday evening


Idea Updates

We’re looking into a technical solution to make it easier for authors to update an idea and send this update to the Telegram channel.

I did not have time to update November’s trades yet, I will do it probably within one day. You will be able to see the file on the Tools and Resources page, and there will be a telegram announcement as well.


Robot Results and News

The robot has taken us to new highs last week and made some drawdown this week. It finished the week with a small win on gold V3 settings and has settled so far to a comfortable 8% increase in November on this pair.

The experimental settings have been performing interestingly on both EURJPY and XAUUSD. An analysis is to come in the following weeks.


Robot new – We are working on an update which we hope will make the robot be able to trade on standard accounts. That will open us more possibilities, trading without commission (but higher spreads) and it will allow US and Canadian customers to have more options in terms of brokers.

Other updates are planned which will increase the profitability of the robot.


Once all these updates are made, probably by January 2019, we will increase the price of the robot quite a lot. At this moment we consider the robot and the whole service we offer around the robot to be undervalued, and with the new updates, we will bring the price to the market value. We have not settled on the price yet, but it will be between 800 and 1200 dollars. This will be for the PRO version which is right now on sale.


A “Lite” version of the robot will be created, with limited features and parameters which will be sold at a similar price to the one we have now for the PRO version.


This change does not affect existing owners. Users who have bought the PRO version until the price change, will keep all the advantages and the future updates of the robot.


Plans for the following months

Dmitriy has sketched a new road-map which all beginner traders (and not only) should follow while they are learning with our resources. The road-map contains 10 clear steps from going from 0 to a professional trader. This will be a new and interesting direction for us, with more structured content and an easier path to follow for beginner traders.


In the past year we have made continuous efforts to keep this project alive and always come up with something new. Since in the core team there are signs of being burnt out, I decided to force give vacations to our members.
Thus, Oleg will take some rest around the end of the year, Dmitriy should follow his example before or after his vacation, while me I will completely out of touch for around one week in January. Rotating like this, the activity of the project should not be affected.


Until next week, I wish you all great trades!

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