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I tried to present the Chart Reading techniques using the rational sequence – from basic things to advanced. Like maths. Firstly, we will cover the simple numbers such as 1, 2, 3. Then we will practice making operations with numbers. In the final, I put the goal to lead the reader to the ready strategy for trading based on the Chart Reading signs. As the desired result, the reader should:

  • understand strategy fully and be able to improve it according to his/her personal style
  • develop other strategies based on Chart Reading sequences


The process of trading is a too complex thing as it deals with human nature, money, laws of logic etc. So, putting things on a line “from basic to advanced” is a hard task to complete.


That is why I suggest you read this Course two or three times for several reasons:

  1. When reading the first time you will face too many unfamiliar concepts. So, when reading the Course the second time, you will find the signs from chart more friendly.
  2. The Course is under permanent updating. I spend some time every week to add some interesting story, chart, a portion of useful knowledge, quote, etc. People ask questions, I answer them. This conversation is a good help for understanding the Chart Reading.


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