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I am Oleg Alexandrov, the market analyst, the author of this Chart Reading CourseMy chart reading skill is better than my English, so I am sorry for possible grammar mistakes in the text of this Course.


I joined Tradunity team to provide the analytics of different markets. In parallel with posting to the Crypto Markets Overviews group, I’ve opened and managed the paper account in order to publish some trades with explanations of principles of the Chart Reading. In other words, I used that account for the educational purposes, to prove my methods work, and to stay closer in touch with crypto markets pulses.


That paper account was opened on the 2nd of March with initial balance 5,000$. When operating account I have been using the principles of Chart Reading only. Up to the 27th of March, the account reached 10,000$. So, I’ve doubled capital within 25 working days.
Later, I reached the 15,000$ balance. So, I made 650 trades in 65 days to grow the balance from 5,000$ to 15,000$.


Read more in an interview with me: From 5000$ to 15000$ in 65 Days of Trading – Interview With Tradunity’s Analyst Oleg Alexandrov


Growing Account with Chart Reading Technique


Important notes:

  • A lot of trades were hasty and I made them just for fun in times of boring.
  • This account management does not take into account 1) the commissions of a broker and 2) slippage. In case of real trading, the result would be much less than 15k.


Nevertheless, this proof that signs of Chart Reading do work. And you can use them to better your account.

  • mahamer
    Posted at 07:50h, 25 June

    Oleg, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience! I’m very interested in your method of reading charts, and I see that it works (on my account too). I’m following your analytics from the very beginning of the subscription to Tradunity, thank you for your work!

    • olalexandrov
      Posted at 13:43h, 25 June

      Thank you for the positive feedback

  • zerocashcool
    Posted at 08:11h, 09 August

    Oleg, I really look forward to taking this course. It’s my #1 priority now.

  • Zeljko Holik
    Posted at 09:35h, 19 August

    Finally, I’m on my vacation: Took some day off, sent my wife and our kid to her folks, and now I have space and peace to finish this course in a proper manner. Thank you Oleg for creating this course, and all of you guys gathered here providing us knowledge and giving us strength and hope. My ten thousand hours journey to became a trading expert starts now with. Wish me luck and focused persistence.

    • olalexandrov
      Posted at 18:18h, 19 August

      Thank you for the positive feedback. Wish you to have more harmony, peace, and space for all your needs.

  • blurg
    Posted at 11:21h, 07 October

    HI Oleg, just started with the course. I’m curious about the content.

    Thanks for all the good efforts and sharing the course. It will be very interesting to study I’m sure.

    Trading a paper account is usually much easier, as emotions won’t get the better of you. The results are impressive though.


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