Trading Robots Simulations

On this page you can find a list of available simulations made with our trading robot.

The settings for these simulations come with the purchase of our robot, so you can use the same on the same markets.

Remember: if you trade multiple pairs on the same account using the EA FIRST Pro robot, you should decrease your lot size as instructed in our chat groups.

All these pairs have been tested on a period of 10 years, between 01.01.2008 and 01.01.2018.

We are using quality historical data to make our simulations and we are using these simulation to validate the profitability of our model. These results are not a guarantee that the next 10 years are going to have the exact outcome, however they do show that the model is profitable, and we can expect very interesting returns of investments from this point on as well.


Our simulations, below
Gold vs USD:




We will add more simulations in the following week.