October update

Short updates of the developments in the past 2 weeks


Ideas for Traditional Markets – What about Crypto?

As you have seen, we have started a more consistent flow of ideas for the traditional markets.

Dmitriy, Oleg, Radu and Chris are posting ideas when they find interesting settings. Soon we will have one more trader with a new style and great ideas posting in the stream of ideas.

We had so far 10 ideas, 2 have reached profit target areas, 1 got canceled, the rest are pending or active. Some ideas may not activate at all if the price goes the other way.


As we post about these markets, all the traders are also looking into crypto trading setups. Since that market has been only flat lately, they did not find any clear signals yet, and our advice is to stay on the sidelines for now.


New video resources for beginners

To help you get started we created a playlist of very basic topics which bring from 0 to the point where you will know how to place trades.

Here is the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0120QBJw3GSND2eCgLHgdck8WZqvzg65


If you found this useful, we recommend you to open yourself a demo account (video #3) in order to learn how to trade manually on these markets.

After you learn on demo, there will always be opportunities to use real accounts, but the demo account will provide you with real experience with 0 risk!


We also released a video about how to interpret ideas. Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRALbD5MVm0


Oleg has started to screencast a part of his analysis – this makes a great hands on learning experience for who wants to learn his methods better.


Things to watch for

Remember that all trades involve risk. If you like an idea and want to enter a trade starting from its content, think how much of your capital is at risk. If you don’t know, feel free to ask. We will roll out more info step by step, but until then you have the platform comments/posts and the chat groups to ask questions.


New feature! Webinars

Next week we will hold our first webinar! Currently there is a poll on the Tradunity Premium Group on Telegram where you can vote the topic and suggest new topics. We will cover all the topics there and more in future webinars but with your input we will be able to prioritize what is most important for you.

Don’t forget to cast your vote! We’re really interested to know what you need to learn!


Robot trading results and updates

After 3 months of profitability, the robot has shown the first real period of drawdown, which may not be finished yet. Depending when you started trading with it, you may still be in profit, breakeven or you can experience drawdown from your initial capital.

This first drawdown shows once more why we have insisted from the beginning on money management and conservative risk strategies. Until the robot recovers, you may experience some strong feelings if you are not used to algo trading, and controlling your risk per trade as well as having a decent capital to trade with, will help you go over these periods with minimum emotions.


Updates for the robot:


  • We are observing the robot’s behavior in real medium term trading now and trying to tune the parameters to be able to have higher gains than in the present.
  • We are researching GBPUSD 1h (in simulations), and new settings for XAUUSD 4h trades with the ability to reach TP more often (in tests already). We do not have an estimation of when they will give a good conclusion yet.
  • With the help of the community, we have identified the reasons why brokers such as Turnkey Forex / were not as profitable as the other brokers for trading with the robot. The brokers were set on a different timeframe than the standard and their candles were not matching the ones we normally perform analysis on. In return, the robot was analyzing non standard candles.We are monitoring the performance of the robot on other non regulated brokers so people from US,Canada and other countries with restrictions on trading instruments to have alternatives of using the robot there. For people outside the mentioned countries, we have the recommened brokers here:https://tradunity.com/brokers/
  • We have the first update in tests – this update protects you from entry slippage which happens when the entry in a trade is made during a fast movement that will cause a difference between the pending price and the real entry price. We changed the robot’s behavior, if it detects slippage it will reposition the SL right away to keep the risk in place. This update is in tests at the moment.
  • The robot can also benefit from a time filter and we are testing this variant, to see if by excluding some days/hours of trade will increase its efficient. We don’t have a conclusion of the results yet.
  • We have made a plan for future updates to add a different more efficient type of SL and trailing stops. You will be announced when this version will be in tests.


What else are we preparing?

We want to make sure you are getting long term value from your subscriptions and we want to stimulate you to show more of your charts and try your own trades. It will probably be in a contest with prizes format but we have not taken a final decision yet.

We want to make more content in short easy to see easy to learn from videos. We are going to set up a structure for videos which help you learn how to trade and how to use different tools and concepts.


That is it for the past 2 weeks! Let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comments below!

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