May – June Update (2019)

May-June Report


Dear members,

I give you the report for May and June together. Due to the many new developments, I had to skip this report in May.
However, here is the brief overview of what has happened, what we are working on, and what you can expect in the near future.

Team: Tradunity has recruited two new talented and experienced programmers. One will only focus on Forex robots, while the other one is helping us build the new copytrading platform and many new features for our platform. There are rumors of attempts to build even our first crypto trading robot.

Streams: Dmitriy kept making his streams at a normal rate of 2/week: a market overview Monday and a ask-me-anything on Wednesday. This timetable is not set in stone and sessions will be skipped at times.

Manual trading results: May was -4% and June was +4%. You can find the breakdown on the tools and resource page:

We have had internal discussions about the strategies used and how to help reduce drawdown and stabilize our results. With the launch of the new copytrading platform, there will be more accessibility of the signal providers to make their own trades linked to our master account. It will eliminate the current overhead and delays in dealing with the copytrading solution.


Copytrading: May and June continued the drawdown of our accounts, although not so steep, we did not yet recovered. Correlated with the fact that the current technical solution keeps failing more and more often and our imminent launch of our new platform we decided for July not to continue posting our trades on the old copytrading platform.

In consequence, you will need to make your own trades based on our experts’ signals until the new platform will be available.

The new platform is functional, and it’s mandatory requirements are met and tested. We are spending some time to create a better interface, and to add some handy features. We are attempting to make this as simple as possible for you.

With the new copytrading platform we will have several master accounts which you will be able to connect to. These master accounts will each be controlled by a trader, a robot or a portfolio of robots. You will be able to follow multiple accounts at the same time from one account, or to divide your capital among several trading account and make each of them follow one or more of them. This will give you the option to diversify your automated trading and spread your risk among several trading systems.


Algo trading: we launched the Aviator, our newest algorithm, designed and programmed with the help of one of our new recruits. EA First reached v2.04.


Aviator: The Aviator has performed really well since it’s beginning, managing to make positive returns. Drawdown is happening sometimes but it has been quickly recovered so far.

The algorithm is modeled after a scaling strategy which aims to catch small profits in times of low volatility. The Aviator is able to filter out news, and stop placing new pending orders in the vicinity of news events.

We will work on improvements on the Aviator, from August, when its creator will join us full time.

See the Aviator results:


EA First: EA First 2.04 was launched – you can find details on 5 candidate settings were also launched, and we will set them up on real accounts this week. Some of our members have gotten a head start with them. We had to delay a bit due to other priorities.

As for results EA First has registered a month with loss followed by an outstanding recovery with the V3 settings.

As an experiment, I have added the Aviator to a personal account running EA First to combine the two. Together they went up 50-60% in 2 months, which is our most impressive result up to date.
EA First + Aviator combined portfolio (added Aviator to this on the 20th of May):–aviator-combined/3359706


3 months free extension / trial of PRO membership

In partnership with the Axitrader broker, we have given 3 months extension to all active/new members who joined testing the Aviator, and we also gave 1 extra month of membership for who invited a friend.

This partnership is a success so far, Axitrader managing to give our traders some advantages: those who joined in May they had a $300 cashback in case they had losses at the end of the first 30 days. On top of that, the team at Axitrader values our partnership and has so far paid extra care of our customers.

In the past days, the team at Axitrader was unable to resolve issues at the same rate as before, due to the changes in ASIC regulations which prompted them to port non AUS/NZ clients using this regulation to a new offshore entity. We sent out an information email about what changes there will be, and our position.In short, we switched and we will continue the partnership.

One advantage of this change is that the spreads have tightened and another is that the swap fees will decrease.


Slight change in my role within Tradunity for July.

In the past few months I have spent a lot of time on the chat groups guiding the community to understand better our services, read our courses, learn our methods. I offered support and answered all questions, both the ones related and the ones unrelated to our services.

This has helped grow our community spirit, but at the same time it has occupied a lot of my time. Correlated with the time I have spent to promote the Aviator free trial, I had to neglect some attributes that I usually would take care of.

To make up for this, I will take a break in July from the chat groups. Mike will handle the support requests and escalate to me more complicated matters. You may experience some delays compared to the usual response rate, but you will all have your questions answered eventually. Remember, if something is left unanswered, just ask again and tag Mike on the chat groups. Dmitriy said he has my back and him together with Oleg will answer your questions

If you need to reach me for an account-related questions, you can use the support system on our site.


I will spend the time I save from being constantly on the chat groups to gather some new recruits for Tradunity, work more on EA First, make a better presentation for the Aviator. Except this, the main objective is to launch the new copytrading application within this month.


July is a vacation month for many of you so for those taking some time off I wish you a great vacation. With the downtime of the northern hemisphere, we want to make this month count and to launch some truly exciting new features!


As usual, please leave your comments, suggestions and critics in the comment section!
Have a great and profitable July

Dan Avramescu

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