It’s time for a change – we are restructuring Tradunity!

Dear friends, it is time to share with you how Tradunity will soon evolve. We have been working hard during these last months in order to bring you a better array of services and we are ready to make the next step forward.


The Tradunity Copy Trading Platform

As you know our main focus is releasing our copytrading platform. It will allow for real diversification in your trading with very little costs from your side.


Our copy trading platform is now being tested and set up for the beta testing.

The infrastructure and the main features are ready. While they work as we planned there are still things which should be improved.

The main idea of this platform is – we know how to make our own copy trading platform unique and we want to offer it to our members as a simple solution auto trading and risk management. Not all features will be released int the 1st version, but we will keep working on it until the all the advanced features are implemented.

The beta testing of the trading platform will be started soon and we will invite you to take part in it.

Our new financial model

We are now ready to change our financial model and provide more suitable and fair priced packages.

Your support until now was invaluable and we would like to stay with you as long as possible because together we can help each other to move forward.

From September we will rebuild our packages and prices as follows:

Lite package: Signals and Copy Trading with $0 monthly payments


The Lite package is suited for those who are only interested in trading tools. This package includes:

  • Access to the copy trading platform
  • Access to our trading setups/ideas/signals
  • Access to our standard chat on Discord (which we will soon restructure as well)


Requirements: use our partner brokers in trading with our tools. Except Axitrader we are also looking into solutions for the restricted countries as well (US, some regions of Canada, etc.).

We will receive a commission from your trades.

This model will allow us to provide you free access to all our tools and help you to trade with proper diversification following our experts, signal providers and algorithms. The commission we receive will in turn help us cover our budget and allow us to continue our work and provide you more trading tools and features as time goes by.

The final terms of the Lite package will be presented when they will be finalized.

This is our priority model  as it gives free access for everyone.

Technical details for the Lite Package:

This model will require for the beginning a VPS which you will need to use. If you don’t know how to install an MT4 on your VPS, we will provide tutorials, free VPS solutions and probably hands-on support as well (we will help you directly with the installation).
We plan to release our own VPS-free solution in a later release as well.

For those who prefer working on the same platform as you use now for the Aviator, SocialTrader, you will need to cover a fee of 10usd/account which at the moment we are supporting for the trial users. This is the cost of the Social Trader platform, not our fee.

So, which variant to choose – FREE but with VPS or 10USD/Account but without VPS – will depend on you. The requirement will be the same – having an accounts with our partner broker Axitrader (or another partner broker for those who can’t join Axitrader).

Tradunity lite package

The Lite Package will be free with your own VPS, but if you prefer the comfort of the Social Trader for CopyTrading, you need to cover their fee.


Signal providers.

We will increase the number of Master account which you can follow. As we talked before, this opportunity will allow to diversify risks and make your trading more stable. From previous experiences we could see that relaying on a single system will always lead to negative emotions during periods of drawdown.

For the beginning, we will have interesting options for you: The ones we can disclose at this moment are the Aviator and a manual trader by an experienced trader whose sole job is to work with this account. The number of master accounts will be also increased in the future step by step. Here are two of the systems which will be available:


Manual trader 1

Manual account – see it on myfxbook here

The Aviator has recovered strongly with the new settings. See the performance here.

Trading Signals in text format

The role of the classic “signals” will be changed: we will provide you trading ideas and markets overviews which can be used alongside your trading strategies. They will be good as additional source for markets which can’t be added to the copy trading platform but which can be interesting for manual trading or simply they will provide a variety of new strategies.


For communication we will use the Discord channel and special group where everyone can share ideas, talk about trading and discuss interesting topics. Time by time experts will take part in discussions and share their knowledge and experience too.

Trading Room – for PRO Members

The 2nd package will be for those who are serious about trading and would like to become professional traders, investors or a money manager.
This concept revolves around the trading room where you will have the ability to gather real trading experience faster.

Members of the Trading Room will get:

  • Access to our Premium section on Discord
  • Analysis on demand from our experts
  • Discussions and guidance from our experts regarding trading setups and trading topics
  • Premium Support. – We know that in trading you can face with a lot of questions. We will be ready to provide you not only technical support, but all provide you trading and money management support as fast as possible. This option will be available PRO members.


The access to the Trading Room will have a fee of $35-50 per month, depending if it is bought as a monthly or biannual subscription.


The Academy will be interesting for those who are interested in knowledge, apart from experience and tools.

This section will contain our current courses and the new ones which we will develop.

Technical Analysis, Fundamental analysis, Money Management, Trading Psychology, Chart Reading and other unique courses from our experts will be able to be bought here. The Academy will continuously develop and we will offer new courses and educational resources within this and the next years.

Access to the Academy:

  • Each course will be sold individually and provide continuous access to the course and its updates.
  • Courses will be able to be bought together at a discount.
  • Members who been with us will receive access to the current suite of courses without paying.

PRO Package

The PRO Package is excellent for new members

The additional PRO package will provide you everything you need to start trading like a pro:

  • All the current courses
  • 3 months access to the Trading Room

Current And Old Members Benefits

The new terms will be started in September and for our current members we prepared the gifts. If you was our member for at least 3 months or you are an EA First purchaser, we will provide you with access to the Academy and 2 months access to the new trading room format.


Our copy trading platform is almost ready for the Beta test. With it, we have the possibility to restructure the Tradunity packages.


We are changing the Tradunity subscriptions by dividing the current package into several layers:

  • Tools: Free access for those who want only signals and copy trading in exchange for using one of our partner brokers (comission based model). Beta test coming very soon.
  • Experience: Paid access to the trading room (subscription based) for those who want to take advantage of analysis on demand and chat with our experts.
  • Knowledge: Separate access to the Academy with the possibility to buy each course or all of them as a package.
  • Existing members will have a lot of benefits (see above).
  • Please leave us your feedback, it is very important to us!

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Nicolas Novak
Nicolas Novak

It’s great how the new structure shows that you are indeed listening to your customers. Actually with all their different needs. 🙂 The splitting of the products makes it easier to pick exactly the desired service without the need to pay the whole package.

The Lite package is a powerful package for retail traders which do not want/can deal with learning to trade but still want all the benefits of Copy Trading, setups/ideas/signals and community.

You didn’t write about EAF, will it be distributed as before as standalone one time purchase product which will get provided repeatedly with new settings?

Dan Avramescu

Hi Nicolas, thanks for the feedback!
EAF we will not address in this update so you can consider for now everything will be the same. If we will change that product model as well you will be informed well in advance.