From 5000$ to 15000$ in 65 Days of Trading – Interview With Tradunity’s Analyst Oleg Alexandrov

Oleg raised an account from 5000$ to 15000$ in 65days. He teaches his method on
Results of Oleg's trading method over 65 days. In the background there is the BTCUSD chart for the same period.

This post marks a beginning of a series of interviews published on Tradunity with people from our team.

A Core value defined by Dmitriy Lavrov when we started building Tradunity was to always try to bring more value for our members. We thought about the best way to teach how to protect their capital and diversify their risks. One idea was to offer several trading strategies that people can diversify into. We needed collaborators who would be able to show and explain these strategies to our members.

Enter Oleg Alexandrov. We did not know much about him in the beginning but his chart analysis impressed Dmitriy and he joined our team 10 days after we launched. His analysis started gathering attention on our platform, and once we started our chat group, by preparing regular updates, showing his results, and interacting in real time with our members, Oleg became even more appreciated!

As busy as he is, he agreed to a small interview, sharing a few more details about himself, his work and his upcoming course which will be published on Tradunity, where he teaches in clear language how to use the same methods as he does to achieve your trading goals.



1.Who is Oleg Alexandrov? Tell us a bit of you – who you are, where you live, what do you do in life, how you started trading.


Hello, I am Oleg Alexandrov. I am from Kiev, Ukraine!
I help my brother with his business and I help my wife to care and raise our lovely son.
I am more of an analyst than a trader. Still, I am addicted to charts. I like to observe them, analyze their formations and structure and find the truth behind the chart movements. I started to dive into the world of financial markets in the summer of 2009. Since then, there have been very few days when I have not opened some chart and did not think about the market behavior.


2.How did you join Tradunity? Do you like the experience? What do you do for Tradunity?

I followed Dmitry on TradingView. When he announced the Tradunity project, I proposed to him to post my daily analysis on his platform.

Fortunately, he agreed! This was a great opportunity to publish my way to analyze the charts to a relevant audience.

These posts in the Crypto Market Overview Group helped me to structure and clarify my thoughts and beliefs. I feel happy to read in the feedback of the members that my posts help them to understand the markets.

Sample of Oleg's Analysis for Tradunity

3.How would you describe your method?

This method is not at all a brand new one! I would like to name the ‘Chart Reading’ method (formerly, ‘Tape Reading’). This method came from the era of Livermore and Wyckoff.

I believe that the market immediately converts all the valuable information into the formations made out of the price and volume bars. There is no need to add something else to analyze, as the relationship between price and volume can reveal the balance between the demand and the supply. The Law of Demand and Supply is the basic core of this method.

I believe that trading on financial markets is a cruel action. The final product of market is made up of the losers. The market cannot work without the majority of participants being losers.

Here is my favourite quote to describe this view:

The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible.

Bernard Baruch

4. Does it work? What kind of results did you have since January ?

Chart Reading is a system approach. It worked 100 years ago, and it will work forever. Anybody can use it to create their own strategy which fit his personality in the best way.

At the begining of March, I opened a paper account for demonstrative purposes and I grew it from 5000 to 15000 in 65 days.

I only used  the Chart Reading technique, 650 trades were made. You can scroll down the Crypto Markets Overview group to find my descriptions for some trades.
Have a look at all his trades on this spreadsheet! Or check the results on his page here :

Oleg raised an account from 5000$ to 15000$ in 65days. He teaches his method on
Results of Oleg's trading method over 65 days. In the background there is the BTCUSD chart for the same period.

5. Can anyone learn to do what you do?

These techniques are available to anyone. Nevertheless, very few people use Chart Reading, not because it is very complicate and hard to understand.

These techniques are rare and not popular because the Chart Reader should think a lot. But the public does not like to think. They want simple trading strategies like ‘buy when RSI crossed above the 20 line’, read the news and advices from experts. Real trading requires effort and practice makes perfect.

6. What do people need to do to have these results? (many trades / low volume / how many hours per day).

A wise man said, anybody should spend 10,000 hours to become a master of any field. I suppose, Chart Reading could help get you there faster. But the importance of regular practice and paper trading should not underestimated.

An example of analysis by Oleg on

7. Did you notice people who are following your method are starting to see results?

While I have been studying this method, I collected a lot of materials and translated them from English to Russian. I posted them in the form of a library at The person who helped me with the translation now works in consultancy for real Wall Street traders.

People start to have results, both I can see it in the chat of Tradunity, their questions become more advanced, they participate in trades following my charts.

A pair of RUBUSD trades of one of my follower after learning my method.

Here is a recent chart from one of the user. He made two profitable trades on the RUBUSD futures market following my advice.

8. You will soon publish a structured course on Tradunity, tell us a bit about how it will be!

I thought lot about how to make it accessible to everyone. I managed to convert the great knowledge of Chart Reading in the simple terms and structure.

And it’s 99% ready! I am actually waiting on you guys to upgrade the Education system so it can be deployed.

It will be a simple read with many examples. I can’t wait to share and get feedback on it!

9. How do yo see your course evolving in the future?


This course can grow into a big book with the help of the Tradunity users. I plan to add their questions and charts to make this course even more valuable and based on the real examples from live markets.

10. Thank for taking the time to give me this interview. And I thank you on behalf of all the team for all your lessons, articles and updates! I can’t wait to see your course online very soon!


Thank you for your questions and I’ll wait for you to give me the green light to publish the Chart Reading, hurry up :).

I wish you and all our members to trade in harmony with the smart money operators! And I wish you all to do it in harmony with your personalities!



Oleg’s Chart Reading Course will be available on within the next 2 weeks. If you want to participate and learn his methods, he has a lot of information already shared on our platform. Join us and you will have instant access to his lessons, as well as the rest of the education materials on as well to our chat group and trading signals.


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You guys are working very hard to help us improve our trading, Great website modest and generous staff, just one word, thanks a lot, sorry that’s 3 words not 1!! 🙂

Guilherme Grünewald Magalhães
Guilherme Grünewald Magalhães

Excellent, Oleg! Amazing news for all we, Tradunity subscribers! I’m excited to be able to learn more about your techniques!


I looked at the results. Aren’t these losing trades?

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