February Update

February Update – Copy Trading – New Affiliate Commissions – New Live Streams – Risk Size Experiment – New Educational Content – Results from January


Hello Everyone!
February started for a few days already and I only now managed to make the periodical announcement. We are working on a number of important updates as usual and I wanted to share them with you. I would appreciate it if you could read through and leave your feedback. Here are the updates:


Working on Copy Trading

We received much feedback from the community and it seems that even though the educational ideas service is performing outstandingly, we have to take into consideration that many of you have schedules which don’t allow following the ideas in the proper way.

In order to give an additional help and add value to our subscriptions we are going to include the Copy Trading Service into our package. Our master account’s actions will be able to be replicated on your accounts, following proper trading principles.

All the details (procedure, account size, etc) will be communicated once we have defined our way of work and finished building the software. We estimate to launch mid February.


Until then I would like to remind you of that the copy service will be an additional service created to make things easier for you, just like the robot we use. If you don’t have much time to invest in trading, you can use these services to increase your capital. These services however can’t target your personal goals. Your personal goals can only be achieved if you put in the time to get the right knowledge, build your trading plan and follow it day by day until you reach your personal targets. Until then, you can dedicate whatever time you have to learn how to trade following all our other resources and use our additional services (copy trading, robot) to grow your capital in the meantime.


New Affiliate Commissions

Our prices have increased* to match the value of our services array. Compared to the rest of the market we still place ourselves in the affordable corner of the pricing scale.

However, with the price increase the affiliate program has become more interesting. For those who joined our affiliate program, we have changed the terms to now pay 15% of any generated sale on a subscription or robot to the affiliate partner who linked to us. Moreover, we include 15% recurrent commission on any new charge which happens within the next 12 months after the initial purchase.


If you are looking for additional sources of income, our affiliate program is a valid one and it’s very easy to join. You can find out more info here: https://tradunity.com/affiliate-program/


  • Prices have increased just for new members – active members keep the old prices as long as they are active.


Testing New Streaming Software for Live Streams and Webinars

We are testing new streaming software to be able to make webinars directly on Youtube and make them more interactive. We will soon start new series of live streams and webinars on different topics. Dmitriy, Oleg and Chris will make the videos on trading theory and practice, while I will create an Algo Trading series of video content.


Trying to add Risk Size in comments in preparation for the Copy Trading System and to Help Our Members More

In preparation for the Copy Trading Service in order to determine the recommended capital size, I am going to try and update under each posted trade which is the minimum risk (in dollars) of a trade if it is entered with the minimum lot (0.01 lots when available). You can see examples on the last 3 posted trades.

It’s not excluded that we will have several copy trading alternatives, for different account sizes.


Money Management Course and 2 Stratgies are ready to be posted

Radu has finished the new Money Management course which is ready to be posted.

Kate has sent us 2 more price action strategies which will be posted under Trading Strategies in our Academy.


Progress of the manual trading ideas – Frequent Updates on Telegram

The Manual Trading xls file has been updated on the Tools and Resources Page (https://tradunity.com/trading-tools-resources/) .

Much more frequent updates of this file happen twice a week on our Main Telegram Chat where the user zerocashcool or our support agent Mike posts them Wednesday and Friday.


I am looking for feedback from the community, so anything you would like to know – please ask below this post!
Have a great February and happy trading!

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