February Second Update (2019)

February Second Update – Copy Trading Launch – New Webinars from Oleg – Partial Feb and January Results

Dear members!
This Announcement’s biggest topic is the launch of our Copy Trading Service. Let’s see what that is about!

Copy Trading Launch

The awaited service is here! We are quite excited to roll it out and happy we were able to deliver it almost as promised, we had 1 day of delay due to some technical tasks that took longer than anticipated.

Big thank you to the Beta Testing Group

We have asked for 10 volunteers to help us understand the issues which could arise from using the copy trading software we chose. The volunteers have given us really good feedback and they were very proactive in during the test. It was a first for Tradunity and it’s clear that from now on we will create more beta testing groups for all our new features and products.

We would like to thank them all very much, for guiding us to create a more comprehensible installation manual and to prepare our FAQ for the Copy Trading Service!

About the Copy Trading Service

Each of you can request to join this service from the Copy Trading page (https://tradunity.com/copy-trading/). Here are some of the details about the service:

The Copy Trading Service will replicate the trades of our experts placed on a Master Account.
Not all trades will be eligible, but only the ones which fit the strict Money Management Strategy. There will be mostly Forex and Commodities trades (gold, silver) and other pairs which we can trade within the limits of the Money Management Strategy.

Requirements to participate:
Open a broker account (standard one is fine for this type of trading). If you don’t have one, we use IC Markets for the Master Account and if you could have the same your prices will be the closest. Moreover, we have an affiliate link to this broker, so by opening an account with this link http://bit.ly/TradunityICMarkets and and mentioning the 7995 id in the Introducing Broker field will help our project a bit at no extra cost for you.

As I said, the Master Account will be a 1:100 leverage Standard IC Markets account with initial deposit of 1000$.
The Money Management Strategy we are using allows only 1% (approximately) risk per trade with a 20% (aprox) total load of the the account.

On the service’s page, we expressed as transparent as possible the possible risks encountered in such type of trading. We want each of you who will participate to treat this variant of trading as serious as possible, starting from the allocated capital.
As usual, the first rule is to not invest in this type of trading anymore than you are willing to risk losing. Despite our conservative MM strategy and encouraging past performance, this risk exists, as in any other type of trading.

The recommended capital starts at 1000$. At 1000$ or more initial deposit you are able It is possible to use the service with the same risk as we do. With a smaller capital, it is still possible to use the service but the risks are higher in terms of percentage. Make sure you understand how the risk multiplies, and if you do not understand, please ask.

This service will work like real trading, with the mention that we will use the strategies of all our experts combined. This type of diversification makes us more confident that the strategies will be able to compensate each other and limit the drawdown periods. Even so, we just want to remind you that there are no 100% profitable strategies, and we will expect drawdowns sometimes.

Registration to the Copy Trading Service

The registration starts on the https://tradunity.com/copy-trading/ page.

After accepting and requesting to join the service, you will receive a confirmation email followed by an email with a link to the copy software and a password. The second email will come within 24h. For now, this step is still manual, and we will deal with these emails in batch once per day.

The tutorials for the service are on the service’s page in both PDF and video format.

New webinars from Oleg

Oleg has started his series of webinars over the Chart Reading Course concepts.

So far he has presented :

EVRT and EVRB : https://youtu.be/Hyc5tshC6BQ

No Demand and No Supply: https://youtu.be/2OX86a_ndTE

This Thursday he will hold a new webinar, which will be announced on Telegram on the Premium Channel.

Partial Feb and January Results

So far February has been the most hesitant month, and the current trading ideas have placed us in a drawdown.

I remind you that each Wednesday and Friday, we publish the updated excel file with the trading ideas on the Main Chat group.

We will soon put in place a system to update these files on the website too.

As usual, at the end, I will ask for your feedback and questions! You can also use the chat groups to ask anything related over there!

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