In order to trade the Traditional Markets (Forex, Commodities, Stocks, Indexes etc), you will need a broker.


We selected a list of brokers to get you started.

To open your accounts, please consider using the links we provide, and in that case, a small part of the commission you pay to your broker will come back to our project. We use the money from this affiliation to fund our research and testing of our algorithmic trading software. This is by no means mandatory, however, you can help the Tradunity project by using our links when starting your accounts.

For Manual trading you can use either a standard account or an ECN account. The standard accounts have 0 comissions but higher spreads, while ECN accounts have low spreads and commissions.



Which brokers to choose?

If you are NOT a citizen of US/Canada:



If you are from outside the US, Canada or another country with restriction, you can open accounts in one of the following brokers:


Pepperstone – A regulated broker -For Manual Trading you need a Standard account, Leverage 1:100. European customers will have restricted leverage.

For our robot, choose a Razor account – with 1:100 leverage if available (not mandatory, can be smaller).

If you are an European Pepperstone customer, you should use the charts with a “.r” at the end of their label. For example EURUSD.r .



IC Markets – A regulated broker. For Manual Trading, get a Standard Account with leverage 1:100 for the beginning.

If you want to use this broker for our robot, then you need an ECN account, Leverage 1:100.
Out of the EU countries – France is not supported by this broker.



Are you from US/Canada?


For robot users: The robot can now work on standard accounts, so any US broker offering MT4, preferably with spreads under 40 for the main pair (XAUUSD), is a good solution.

For manual trades – you can use any broker you want.


Disclaimer: By using the links above Tradunity will receive a small part of the commission you generate to these brokers. However, we assure you we recommend these brokers based on our experience trading with them as well as their reputation and tools and service which they provide.

We use these funds acquired through the affiliation to these brokers mainly for funding our infrastructure (test servers as well as trading VPSs) and our research and development of our trading robot.

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