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Dmitriy Lavrov
Founder, Head of Expert Tradings a Team
Dmitriy Lavrov is the TOP 3 TradingView author. He is a Professional trader, technical analyst and money manager with 10 years trading experience. The main covered markets are Forex, Commodity, cryptocurrency. Provides personal education for those who are interested in profitable trading.
Oleg Alexandrov
Cryptomarket analyst
Oleg has been trading since 2012. Author of the ChartReading course. He provides outstanding cryptomarket analytics. He focuses on price and volume interaction to help you make your own independent judgment about what is really going on with supply and demand
Hussein Saade
Expert in algotrading
Hussein has been trading the Forex Market since 2015, with a special interest in Algorithmic Trading. His technical background and business orientation enabled him to appreciate the mechanics of robots and set the right trading expectations.
Mikhail Hypov
Trading and technical analysis expert
Mikhail began working in the Forex in 2007. After that he has big experience at Stock, Commodities and Crypto market. He explored deeply into the study of hundreds technical analysis tools and market psychology. Mikhail have been one of the TOP traders at Russian part of tradingview in 2018 and 2019.
Swarnava Indu
Community Manager
Swarnava started Investing in Crypto in early 2016. He learned how to trade crypto and invest wisely. Later he discovered forex in early 2018 and started trading the financial market. He helps the team with Technical support and also there to share knowledge regarding Forex trading and Crypto.
Our Mission
The main goal of our team is to become your personal guide to financial markets and show you the shortest route how to trade and invest for living your own way. We share knowledge of our expert team and special instruments for helping you get stable profit on the financial markets. We offer serious advantages and full support for newbie or experienced traders and investors. We will work with you until you get results!

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Very, very happy to have found Tradunity! I subscribe to their services and bought their robot. First of all; i'd want to day, that Tradunity never ceases to amaze me again and again with new products/services. The team is working full-steam, full-time (feels like 24/7 actually) to provide new services AND improve the existing ones.
Rushi Khimani
I could have never found better community than Tradunity where i got to learn trading properly. My goal was to just get the signals and make money from other traders help, but never thought I would be able to trade by myself and profit out of it.
Nikita Annt
I was seeking for a community where you can trust people in trading, and I have been following Dmitry since I've found TradingView. When he announced there will be a group for learning and receiving signals, I was like "wow, that's the thing".After the 1 year of membership I learned personally a lot, and hopefully shared some meaningful experience about robot development as well. Hopefully we'll get even more acquainted on the topic.
Well, I made it to 200%+ by manual trading just in 2 months with prior ZERO forex trading knowledge, and I want to thank Dan and DLavro very much for this as without them I wouldn't have achieved this. Without them I would not have come into the Forex.
Latest Blog Posts
We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with other developing traders in order to strengthen their analytical capabilities and upgrade understanding of the real market game.
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XBTUSD analysis
Let's focus on the action of the last week to understand the current sentiment of the market.

Blog, Education, Investing
Analysis of Tesla! Buy or Sell? (part 1)

Dear members,   In January 2020 I made a forecast for Tesla stock which you can check here. The share price was around 524 USD then. The January forecast is displayed in the chart above. And here you see the actual market state,...

Blog, Education
Importance of Low Volume Bars

In this review, we will talk about the Bitcoin market, and we will start this overview with the concept of bars with small volumes. Bars with a small volume attract less attention. Usually the public focuses on high-active-bars, which have high and extremely high volume....

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