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Whether you are inexperienced or a seasoned trader, our investing community is a great place to share trading ideas.

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Let our experts do the research for you, saving you immense time on your trades, and giving you the signals to buy and sell.

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Whether you’re day trading or investing, Tradunity will guide you to trade better and make more long term profits.

What You Will Get

  • Clear understanding of How To Trade Properly in cryptomarkets and make stable profits

  • Investment Portfolio Templates to choose from

  • Trading Strategies to help you reach your personal financial goal

  • Exact Risk and Money Management ideas

  • Premium Trading Signals via Email and Telegram

  • Tips and tricks of how to Maximise Profits and Minimize Drawdowns

  • Technical and Fundamental Analysis theory explained

  • Community networking to Ask Questions and Learn From The Experts

About the Premium Signals

  • 2-3 Exclusive signals daily

    in normal market conditions

  • Exchanges: Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance

  • Ask Questions About the Signals to Experts on Our Closed Groups



Hi, my name is Dmitriy Lavrov.


I’m a trader, investor, strategy developer and mentor. I have been trading in the financial markets since 2007 and I know the steps which are necessary to transition from a beginner to a professional trader.


Cryptocurrency trading is relatively new to financial markets trading, presenting us with new and exciting oportunities which everyone can benefit from. It can change your life!


To help you become a profitable trader or investor, I will to share my knowledge and experience to help you find your way in the cryptocurrency markets


Join our Community and become a better Trader.




34.99$1 month
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  • Premium Access to Exclusive Features
    • Premium signals
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    • Risk managements strategies
    • Communication with experts in closed groups
    • 1 month access
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  • Premium Access to Exclusive Features
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174.95$6 months
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  • Premium Access to Exclusive Features
    • Premium signals
    • Educational materials
    • Risk managements strategies
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    • 6 month access at the price of 5


Join our team!

We are looking for professional traders, financial analytics, money managers, mentors for joining our team. If you want to share your knowledge with others and get benefits from joining our community, please send us a message using the support form.


How do I become a member?

Simply purchase one of the membership packages. Once you have purchased the membership, you will be able to access the community pages and you will be invited via email to our telegram channel.

How will I receive the Premium Signals?

Once you have purchased any membership, you will receive an automatic email inviting you to our Telegram group.

Please note that in order to be able to access our Telegram channel, you need to fill in your telegram username during the registration or in your community profile.

The second way to receive signals is via email. You will receive an email each time a new signal was posted by one of our expert traders.

[Telegram] Do I need to install Telegram in order to receive the Tradunity Premium Signals?

Although not mandatory, we recommend you to install the Telegram app in order to receive instant signals from on our group.

If you choose not to use Telegram, you will still receive email notifications on your email.

[Telegram] Which is my Telegram username? How do I find it?
To see your Telegram username, click on the menu sign and access Settings.

For information on how to change your username, please see the videos below:

Here is a video showing how to set your Telegram username on Android phones.

Here is a video showing how to set your usename on iPhones:

[Telegram] I received the link but I can't join the channel. It says the channel doesn't exist or it's broken! What do I do?

Normally, talking to our bot will make it possible for you to join the channel.

In case you are refused to be let on the channel, you probably forgot to add your username to your profile, or you made a mistake while adding it. Here are the the video Instructions for changing the Telegram Username:


If you did not input your telegram id at registration, you will have to add it to your profile by visiting the community -> preferences -> about tab.

Afterwards, contact us and provide your Tradunity username as well as your telegram username. It will take longer to add you to the signal channel in this way because we will do it manually. We are working to soon automatize this process.

[Payment] - How do I pay for my purchase?

You can pay through a choice of cryptocoins. Once you enter the checkout process just follow the instructions on the screens and make sure to read everything carefully.

The main points are 

  • Make sure you copy correctly the address and other identification elements as they are displayed on the checkout screen.
  • Include the fee of the transaction in the total sum you will withdraw from your wallet or from an exchange. Example: if the payment value is 0.1 LTC and your exchange/wallet has a withdrawal fee of 0.01LTC, the final sum you need to withdraw will be 0.1 + 0.01 = 0.11 LTC.
  • Cryptopayments take some time to be authorized and verified. Usually the payment is completed after 20-30 minutes.
  • Once the payment is completed, you will receive your payment confirmation from Tradunity via email
[Payment] - I forgot to include the fee in my transaction and I sent insufficient funds. What do I do now?

In this case you should follow the instructions on the payment confirmation screen: when your initial payment will be received, the payment screen will show the rest of the amount that is still to be paid.

When you withdraw the remaining amount, don’t forget to add the transaction fee again!

Note: if the remaining amount and is smaller than your wallet’s / exchange’s minimum withdrawal amount, send us the minimum withdrawal amount and contact support to get a proportional extension to your subscription.

[Account Activation] My payment says "Paid" but I did not receive a confirmation email

After your transaction displays the “Paid” status, please allow 10-20 minutes for the email confirmation. The reason for this delay is that the payment gateway does not confirm the transaction right away.

If your email does not arrive after this time, please contact our support team and mention your transaction id in the support ticket.

[Account Activation] How long do I have to wait for my confirmation email?

If the transaction was completed, the payment gateway still needs to report the confirmation to us.

This can take up to one hour. If you think too much time has passed, please open a support ticket stating your username, email and transaction id.

[Website] In the Community how do I stop the email notifications?

The number of emails can be quite annoying.

The first thing you would need to do is go the Community and press “Preferences” on the left sidebar.

You will see a list of email and web notifications. Deselect the ones you are not interested in. (click to enlarge)


If you want to also subscribe from group posts, this is done per group. You need to go to the group main page and press the Follow & Be Notified button.

[Support] How long does it take for the support to answer my ticket?

Although we try to answer as soon as possible, support can take 24-48 hours to respond.

Support questions are answered Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00 CET. If you receive replies outside these hours, it is only at the availability of our support staff.